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Top 5 Part-time Jobs For International Students In The US


Juggling school and a job is not easy but it can be very rewarding especially due to the fact that you get to have an extra source of income and experience during school. When looking for a part time job as a student it is very important that you look for jobs that are not too time consuming and offer good pay for your services. Here are the top 5 part time jobs you can do while studying in the US as an international student.

5. Valet or Package Driver

For any of this jobs you will need to  acquire a drivers license before you can be employed. You can become a valet at a popular hotel or restaurant as you basically help people valet their cars and get paid. As for the second you can work at a logistics company as a package driver taking packages around your city both jobs come with shifts that you can adjust as a student and on an average you can make $20/hour either being a valet or delivering a package.

4. Library Assistant

As a student you can decide to work for your school and get paid the job is flexible and rewarding because you have time to study and do your assignment even as you work in your school’s library and make an average of $10/ per hour and make a very good impact on your resume for future jobs


3. Camp Counselor

These jobs are usually in demand during the summer. That way you get to take a holiday and also make money. Most camps cover food and housing expenses as you will have to live in the camp grounds and, after the holiday you’ll have enough money to take care of yourself during school. You can make $12/hour at an average.

2. Waiter or Bartender

This job allows you to get a lot of tips, especially on weekends You get a boost of making up to $100 in tips for a night, and most bartending and waiting gigs have shifts, meaning you can manage your time even as you work. With your hourly wage and tips, waiting on tables and bars is a comfortable job for a student.

1. Tutor

As a student, you can also use your education to make money. You can become a tutor for high school or college students, whether online or personally. It is a flexible way to make money and also impact other people’s knowledge. If you choose to tutor college students, you can contact your school and request to be a paid tutor at your school and can be paid an average of $22/ hour

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