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How To Migrate To Australia As A Doctor


Doctors are an important part of a country’s economy and are constantly in demand to work for the country’s medical industry, so as a licenced doctor, Australia is one of the best places to move to in order to keep your career on a good path. This is the best path to take as you immigrate to Australia as a doctor.

Take Exams

Since you will be working in Australia, you need to work according to their medical practises. Therefore, you will need to take some entrance exams to qualify to work in Australia. Such exams are the Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams in which you need to get an average score of 10 or more points.

Apply for jobs

There are different ways to approach applying for a job. You can either decide to go online and search for Australian medical institutions that are currently hiring doctors, e.g. Jora , or you can send official emails to hospitals you think will be ready to take in someone of your capabilities and why you will be the best fit for an opening in their institution


Choose Pathway

There are 2 major pathways available for doctors to migrate to Australia, which are

1. Standard Pathway

This is the pathway for medical graduates that have little or no medical experience. They will need to take the AMC exams and also verify their previous results from their home country, and also complete a 12-month period of supervised learning before they are offered a full-time position

2. Competent Pathway

If you are from a country where you have worked and gained experience that has an equivalent medical practise to Australia, then Australia can grant you exams without the need for any exams. These countries are the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Note: only doctors that have work experience in the abovementioned countries are qualified for the competent pathway

Apply for a Visa

After you have completed all your assessments and are offered a job, you can now apply for a visa using your employer’s sponsorship as backup.

Note: Make sure you provide all the necessary documents needed before you can get a visa and if you’re confused, consult a licenced Australian migration agent/lawyer. agent/lawyer.


Good luck!

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