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Best Medical Schools In Australia For International Students


Australian graduates are sought after by top international institutions around the world because they produce excellent students that are skillful and creative in their fields. Because of this factor, many international students, particularly medical students, relocate to Australia in the hopes of receiving the best education available. If you are part of the aspiring medical doctors seeking to come to Australia and complete your education, here are the best medical schools that you should check out.

1. The University of Adelaide Medical School

This prestigious university has excellent infrastructure for a variety of courses, as well as a top-tier medical school that provides standard medical education and hands-on practicals, and it has a 15% international student acceptance rate.

2. Monash University

This university is located in Melbourne bourne and offers great courses for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, one of which is its medical school. The medical school has some of the best medical professionals and academics as its lecturers, and it also has a 37% acceptance rate for international students.


3. University of Western Sydney

This university is located in the lively city of Sydney. This university has the best medical school in the whole of Sydney and is also open to international students from all around the world as it has a 12% acceptance rate for international students

4. The University of Newcastle

This university is located in Callaghan and is home to 3 major colleges, one of which is the College of Medical and Health Sciences, which the medical school is a branch of. It has an excellent and competitive learning environment and also has an 80% acceptance rate for international students 

5. The University of Queensland

This is not only a great medical school, but it is also very affordable, especially for international students, with high educational and learning standards, with a 33% acceptance rate for international students.

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