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How To Move To USA For Work


Many individuals move to the United States with the intention of starting or expanding a business or company, either as an employee or self-employed. Anyone that wants to enter the United States for business or work purposes is expected to get a B1 visa type . Here are the steps you must take to obtain a US business visa.

Note: Canadians are exempted from getting this type of visa but will get their passports stamped as B1 for the purpose of their travels.

Apply for a Visa

Go online to the official American immigration website and apply for the business class visa ( B1 or E2).



You need to prove to the immigration office that you will be going to the United States strictly for business or work 

  • A letter from your company stating why your services are needed in the US ( the bigger the company, the better).
  • Proof of business ownership ( if you are moving for business
  • Financial Records ( bank statements and business profit records to prove that you have enough money start the business)
  • Documents that show you intend to return ( as the B1 visa is a temporary visa)


After applying, you will be notified of a visa interview, which you will need to attend and show the immigration officers why you need to make the trip to the US. Make sure you go early and come with enough documents to support your claim and the time you need to be in the United States. Ensure you speak confidently and clearly.

  • Explain why you need to be in the United States and how much time you intend to spend there.
  • Explain with proof that you have a life in your home country and will most definitely return during the stipulated time frame.
  • State details about your business with the company you work for and why it needs American contacts
  • Where do you plan on staying for the period that you will be there?

Await Feedback

This stage may look really easy, but it is a tough mental stage that needs you to wait and get feedback from the immigration office.

Good luck!

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