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How To Migrate To Canada As A Couple


Migrating to a new country can be really stressful and lonely at the beginning, but making that move with your partner makes it less stressful and more memorable. The Canadian government has made it so that couples can move and work together in Canada as legal residents. There are a lot of Canadian immigration programs that aid couples in migrating together to Canada. Here are some of the ways through which couples can migrate to Canada.

Note: To be considered a couple by the Canadian government, you and your partner must be legally married and have proof of your marriage in your possession.

1. Dual Applicant Express Entry

As an applicant wanting to move to Canada through any express entry program, you are required to create an express entry profile making you the main/primary applicant, but if you want to migrate with your partner, you create a second profile that is known as the secondary applicant in the second entry track. At completion, you’re partners point through the express entry criteria


2. Spousal Sponsorship

This is when one spouse who is either a Canadian permanent resident or citizen sponsors their partner to become a citizen. This is one of the most popular ways through which couples migrate to Canada. With spousal sponsorship, the other partner immigrates to Canada automatically as a citizen or permanent resident ( depending on the status of their partner).

3. Dependent Application

Here, your partner is expected to help out wherever they need to be as a dependent, meaning that you are going to be solely responsible for your partner . This is also a very effective form of migrating as a couple because a couple with residency privileges needs to prove to the Canadian government that they are financially stable enough to take care of their partner.

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