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How To Work In Canada As A Caregiver


A care giver is an individual that provides care to children, the aged, and also people with disabilities. They serve as companions and guides to their employers.

Canada’s is the best place to work as a caregiver as there is a rapid and growing demand for child and home care providers across the country, especially in Canadian cities. Care givers have a variety of opportunities in Canada that enable them to become Canadian permanent residents. These programs will help you work in Canada as a caregiver.

Find a job

Search online for sites where you can apply for a caregiver job. Make sure your resume is excellent, and give your best effort in the interview.


Choose a program

Choose a care giver program that is best for you, most convenient and best suits the skills that you have.

1. Home Childcare Provider Pilot Program

These are caregivers that take care of children and their everyday needs. They become nannies and are responsible for a child’s well-being.

2. Home Support Pilot Program

These are the caregivers that take care of aged people or people with disabilities by making their daily lives easier and always being their companion.

3. Live-In Caregiver Progr

This is a caregiver that lives with the patient and takes care of all the patient’s needs. This option is mainly for patients that need special care around the clock 

These programs come with a lot of advantages, such as you can apply for permanent residency within two years of working in Canada; you will be offered an occupation-specific work permit that can allow you to change employers while you perform the same job duties; family members will also be eligible to get open work permits or study permits;

These are the requirements for the program.

  • Submit an application on your desired program
  • Valid International passport
  • At least one year of post-secondary education in Canada or an ECA equivalent in their home country.
  • A valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • A minimum of 5 CLB points for language proficiency (English or French) test score

Immigrants that already live in Canada and want to work as caregivers in Canada must be able to provide:

  • A valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Work Permit
  • Validity of Residency Permit

There are thousands of care worker jobs in Canada, so if you are interested in moving to Canada and working as one, I’ll suggest you start the process right away.

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