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Canadian Student Visa Interview Tips


If you want to study in Canada, one of the most important things you’ll need is a student visa. After applying for this visa, you must go through an interview process that has a high chance of determining if your visa will be approved. Here are some guidelines that will help you in your student visa interview.

Book an appointment and prepare

Go to the official Canadian immigration office in your home country and book an appointment. Ensure you are there at least an hour before your scheduled time. Make sure you go with all the necessary documents stated on the site and documents from the school ( all documents used in the echo application and admission process), entrance exams you have taken, past degrees ( if any), and proof of finance ( from your sponsor). Appear in a neat and smart outfit ( formal attire preferably).

Practice Interview

Before going for the interview, ensure you practice the questions below in a confident and convincing manner. These questions are;


1. Have you ever been to Canada before?

Reply with an honest answer if you have or have never been to Canada before, even as a baby.

2. Why do you want to study in Canada?

Explain how the international exposure and cutting-edge research facilities available in Canadian schools will help in your educational journey.

3. Who is going to sponsor your education in Canada? their earnings, and how they intend to pay for your education?

State the full name of your sponsor, the relationship you have with them, and evidence of their monthly income. Also, if you are sponsored by a scholarship, come with evidence of your awarded scholarship and present it to the interviewer.

4. Will you have any difficulties with language or communication?

Also, tender your language proficiency test scores to prove to the interviewer that you have strong language and communication skills.

5. Have you applied to school in other countries?

Recall if you have applied to study in other countries or the answer “No, I have not” if Canada is the first foreign country you are applying to study in.

6. Why do you want to study at a particular university?

Conduct research and make a statement on the advantages of the university you want to attend.

7. Why did you choose to study this particular course?

Explain your passion for the course and how Canadian institutions provided one of the best learning platforms for the course.

8. What other schools have you applied to?

Answer appropriately

9. What entrance exams did you take and how was your performance?

What entrance exams did you undergo and how was your performance? Mention all of the tests you’ve taken, such as TOEFL and GRE, and include your scores for each.

10. What are your plans once you complete your education?

If you are planning on returning home, ensure you explain how your degree and the knowledge gained will help your home country to become better, especially in your field of study. Or if you want to remain in Canada, explain how your skills and knowledge gained will best help the country.


Thank the interviewer for their time and make sure you do everything professionally. The status of your visa approval will be submitted to the website depending on the time frame you are given.

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