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How To Move From Nigeria To Canada


As a Nigerian trying to move to Canada, it is best to explore your options to see which path is best for you to take. As of 2019, Nigeria was the fourth country to have citizens that were Canadian permanent residents. As immigration from Nigeria to Canada is booming, here are the best options to take if you are a Nigerian trying to relocate to Canada.

1. Sponsorship

If you have a partner that is a Canadian citizen, that person can be able to sponsor you to move and become a Canadian resident . With this option, you can be approved to become a permanent resident.

2. Express Entry

This is a program that the Canadian government organizes to help bring in special people and professionals in their given field to come and work in Canada, offering them permanent residency.

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program is managed by the express entry program and is available to professionals in their fields that are

  • Have at least 1 year of working experience in a professional field, e.g., engineering, medicine.
  • Between the ages of 22 and 34
  • Must be fluent in English.
  • Must have a good educational background

As the immigration department awards points according to this section,

3. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

If you don’t get in through the express entry, you also have the option of applying through the Provincial Program (PNP). This program is organized by provinces seeking specialists in fields that are in demand. This also offers permanent residency options.

4. Employment

If you are able to identify an employer that is a Canadian citizen and is ready to employ you, you can also move to Canada for the purpose of working and will process a work permit , and after a year, you are eligible for permanent residency under a program called the Canadian Experience.

5. Tourism

You can also move to Canada as a tourist and stay for at most 6 months to visit and explore amazing places. All you need is a valid passport and a visitor visa and you are able to prove that you can take care of yourself financially during your stay.

5. Study Permit

You can move to Canada as a student and after school you can apply for permanent residency you can also use this permit to benefit as your partner can relocate through the open spousal work permit that allows your partner work in Canada as you study. In addition, you can take your children (under 22) along using the work permit. After studying, you can also apply for a post-graduate work permit that allows you and your partner (who has to renew their work permit) to remain in Canada for at least 3 years.

If you have any other immigration options that will be great for Nigerians seeking to move to Canada, do well to share them in the comments section.

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