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Top 5 Part-time Jobs In The UK For International Students


Working as an international student helps your financial independence and also gives you experience that can help after you graduate and give a boost to your resume for a full-time job. Before you work in the UK, it is great to first know that you need a National Insurance (NI) number that will help you with your studies and employment path. Here are the best flexible part-time jobs for international students in the UK that need little or no experience.

Note: As an international student in the UK, you are only allowed to work for 20 hours a week during an academic session, but when school is on break, you are allowed to work for more than 20 hours. Failure to adhere to that rule will incur serious punishment.

5. Sales Person

One of the most flexible jobs that students can do is work in a shopping outlet where there is food, clothing, jewelry, etc. Show customers around the store, help them make the best decision, and help them pay for it. The average salary is $8 per hour


4. Cook

If you are good at cooking as an international student, it will be easy for you to bag a job in a fast food restaurant as a cook and earn up to £10 per hour.

3. Receptionist

The receptionist is the face of a company, as they are the first person that greets guests when they get into a company or firm. As a receptionist in the UK, you can earn up to £11 per hour.

2. Freelancer

As an international with a set skill, e.g., photography, fashion, or hair styling, getting a freelancing job will be a very good part-time job for you. You can earn up to £15 per hour working as a freelancer, both online and on-site.

1. Care worker

There are different categories of caregiving, such as babysitting, nursing, etc.; it is best to choose the category you are most passionate about and apply for it. Some careworking jobs will require you to get certified before you begin to work. As a care provider, you can earn as much as £28 per hour.

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