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How To Migrate To Canada As A Pharmacist


Phamarcy is a prestigious and highly in-demand profession in Canada, and there are different paths available for individuals who are trained professionals or graduates of pharmacy to move to Canada and work.

In Canada, there are numerous job opportunities for pharmacists in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions, and even consulting.

Here are the procedures to follow in order to move to Canada as a pharmacist


Evaluation of documents

When moving to Canada as a pharmacist, you need to first evaluate all your documents, especially your credentials, to be sure that they are valid in Canada. You can review your documents on the pharmacist gateway of Canada and pharmacy examining board of Canada official websites, and you can follow all the steps listed out for you. The document evaluation process can take from 3–4 months before it is completed

Take Examinations

After registering and getting a document evaluation, you will need to take a language proficiency test in either English (IELTS), or French, depending on the part of Canada you want to migrate to.

Apply for a Visa

After passing all the examinations and evaluations, it is now time to formally apply for a visa. You can come to Canada through the express entry option ( permanent residency) or through a family and job offer or student visa pathway ( temporary residency).This pathway will help you move to Canada as a permanent or temporary resident and work as a pharmacist.

Attend Interview

No matter which visa type you choose, you will still need to attend a visa interview where the Canadian immigration officer will drill you to make sure that you are eligible for the visa in question. To get tips on how to ace a visa interview, click here.


The final part is the processing, waiting, and packing period. The time frame for this period differs for different individuals and visa types. You will need to keep in touch with the immigration office in your home country so as to know the next step to take.

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