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How to Get a UK Visitor Visa


For individuals planning to travel to the UK for some time, the visitor visa is the best pathway to come to the country and tour or visit, as there are a lot of amazing places and sites to visit in the United Kingdom, and getting the visa is the first and one of the most vital parts of traveling to the Uk. These steps will help you in your visa process.

1. Reason for Visit

It is always wise to first understand the reason why you would love to travel to the UK and plan around that reason. If you are going to be sponsored by a UK citizen or permanent resident, you are taking care of the whole trip. With this stated, you can plan your trip, your accommodations, the places you want to visit, and how long you want to stay.

2. Gather Documents

Some documents are very important in this visa process, which are:

  • Full original passport
  • Letter Stating Why You Want to Visit the UK
  • Original employment letter ( if you are employed ) to show that you have a reason to come back to your home country
  • Proof of Finances
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Sponsor Identification (if you are being invited by a citizen or permanent resident)
  • A recommendation letter from at least five family members and friends proving that you will come back to your home country after your visit

3. Apply for a Visa

After gathering all the necessary documents, it is now time to go online and apply for a visa through the United Kingdom’s official immigration website. In the application form, there are going to be a lot of personal and official questions. Make sure you answer all the questions honestly and upload proof where it is required.

4. Pay Fees

Some fees are needed to get a visitor e.g biometrics fees and these fees need to be paid before you can book a biometrics appointment. During the application process if you are unable to upload your documents online you can take them physically to the application center and they will upload them for you but this service also attracts a fee. A visitor visa cost varies according to the duration of your visa as it cost between £100-£900 depending on the period you are visiting and the reason for your visit.

5. Attend Interview

Depending on your reasons for travel you might be invited for an interview or just the biometrics capturing. If you are invited for an interview, make sure you appear formal, on time answer all interview questions confidently.


After concluding the visa application process and interviews the final step is to wait for an acceptance or rejection. If have accepted back your bags and booked a flight

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