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Top 10 Universities In The UK For International Students


The United Kingdom is an ideal study destination for a lot of international students as it is home to a lot of culturally diverse, quality educational institutions that accept students from all over the world. As an international student planning to further her education in the UK, it is always a great idea to settle for an institution where the acceptance rate is high so that you can be assured of a higher chance of gaining admission provided you pass all the requirements.

1. Imperial College of London

This public research university was established in 1907. It focuses on courses based on medicine, science, business, and technology. It is ranked as the top innovative college in the UK. The college has a very high acceptance rate for international students, as over 60% of its students are from countries outside the United Kingdom.

2. University of Bristol

This public research university is located in Bristol, United Kingdom, and is popular for its excellent computer science, mathematics, and psychology programs, among other courses at the university.


3. University of Roehampton

This university is located in London, and it offers academic and financial support to international students. The school’s general population is occupied by over 20% of international students.

4. University of Portsmouth

This gold-rated teaching university is known to encourage international students to its institutions as The average acceptance rate for international students at this university is 87%. They also offer financial support to international students who cannot pay their tuition fees upfront.

5. University of Edinburgh

This is a prestigious public research university located in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. It has over 20 academic schools that provide a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs. It has an average acceptance rate of about 25 percent for international students.

6. University of Warwick

This university was established in 1964 and has since then offered a wide range of postgraduate and undergraduate courses for students. The university works with over 200 other great institutions around the world to provide the best educational experience for its students.

7. Aberystwyth University

This university was established in 1872 and is located in Wales. It has top-notch teaching quality and a great student experience. It has a 94% acceptance rate for international students.

8. Leeds Trinity University

This university is located in the city of Leeds and has an average acceptance rate of 86% for international students.

9. University of Manchester

This university, located in Manchester, is among the 10 best universities in the world and has one of the most diverse student bodies in the whole of England. They provide transportation and housing support for international students. The university has a variety of courses in science, the arts, and business for both graduate and undergraduate students.

10. St. John’s University

This university is located in York, United Kingdom. It is a public research university that has an acceptance rate of 88% for international students.

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