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7 Important Things To Know Before Moving To Canada


If you are considering moving to Canada for a job, school, or just to visit, there are some important things you need to know about Canada. Here are some:

1. Diversity

Canada is a very diverse country that welcomes a lot of immigrants from different cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds every year. There are a lot of Asians on the west coast, and Africans seem to settle more on the east coast.

2. Tax Rate

You can pay between 15 and 40% of your income as tax. Whatever you purchase in Canada a 13% tax is added to the price of the product. You can also get task returns (a certain percent of the tax you have paid can be returned). When you are planning your budget and expenses, make sure you take out an extra amount for taxes.


3. Weather

Canada is relatively cold, but there are also some mild regions on the west coast, e.g Vancouver, so whatever region you decide to move to, make sure you research adequately so that you can pack what is needed for your trip.

4. Language

The country of Canada is bilingual with English and French being the official languages, but the province of Quebec is the only French speaking province, so if you are fluent in either language, you can move to Canada. The immigration service also awards some extra points to French-speaking immigrants.

5. Alcohol

Taking alcohol in public is illegal in every province in Canada except Quebec, where you are allowed to drink in a park if you have a meal with you. Apart from that, you have to go to bars and clubs if you want to drink.

6. Healthcare

Healthcare services are free for citizens and permanent residents, but not for tourists, temporary residents, or international students. Eyecare, dental, and drugs are not free for anyone in Canada unless you work for a company or your university that covers them. So, if you are planning to take a job or study at a particular university, ensure you check their healthcare plan.

7. Politeness

Canadians are known to be very polite and kind people. They always show courtesy, so if you are planning on moving to Canada, work on your manners because one good turn deserves another.

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