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Top 5 Medical Schools In The UK For International Students

Top 5 Medical Schools In The UK For International Students

The United Kingdom is a dream nation for many aspiring doctors to come and get certified as medical practitioners and be able to practice their careers as doctors. There are over 30 medical schools where international students can come and further their medical studies. Here are some of the best options that you can pick from:

1. Imperial College School of Medicine

The medical school branch of the prestigious Imperial College of London is the fourth-best medical school in the world. They have many top-rated facilities, such as a clinical rating facility, an electron microscopy centre, etc.

2. Aston Medical School

This medical school is located in Birmingham and was established in 2014. They have a 5-year academic plan that is split into two phases to help students interact with their colleagues, health professionals, and patients as they develop consultation and diagnostic skills. Students have access to high-tech simulated theatres to help them practice their medical craft.


3. Bristol Medical School

This medical school was established in 1833 and is located in Bristol. They are a leading centre for collaborative research as well as translational health science, and the parent university (Bristol University) is the 9th best university in the United Kingdom.

4. Liverpool University Medical School

This medical school is located in the city of Liverpool and was established in 1903. Its vision is to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful medical career. The school has a human anatomy research centre, a development centre for medicine, etc. that are available for students during their medical education.

5. Newcastle University Medical School

This university, now located in the city of Newcastle, was established in 1834. This school is focused on study and research to improve knowledge through the understanding of health education in classrooms and hospital environments. There are a lot of medical facilities available for students, such as clinical facilities, laboratories, and a specialist library.

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