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Reasons That Can Get A US Immigrant Deported


Wherever you come from, it is very important that when you move or travel to a new place you learn how to respect that country’s laws and constituted authority. As an immigrant, you must obey every law stated out by the United States Government. Failure to do so may attract deportation.
Here are some actions that can get you deported.

Arriving With Fake Visa/Passport

As an immigrant, ensure you get your visa from the federal agencies responsible for them. Even if you seem to use the services of a travel agency, make sure you cross check that your visa or passport is genuine.

Violating Immigration Laws

As an immigrant, you will be notified of the immigration laws and violating any of them can lead to deportation. For instance, assisting someone to enter the US illegally or getting involved in a fake marriage just to get a green card.


If you are caught getting involved in such an activity, you can be deported.

Overstaying Visa Period

Any Immigrant that overstays the time frame that was stipulated on their visa can be deported, and if he/she decides to go into hiding in order to extend their stay they will be regarded as illegal immigrants and once caught will be deported back to their home country

Failure To Abide By Visa Terms

If an immigrant arrives in the United States and decides to perform activities outside the terms of their visa, they can be deported.
For instance, if they arrive on a tourist visa and take a job without informing the immigration authorities, the immigrant will be deported.

Committing A Crime

Not all crimes can get you deported, but crimes like money laundering and domestic violence may lead to deportation, so immigrants have to be law abiding and try as much as possible not to be involved in any criminal activities or even be associated with people that are.

Failure To Inform The Immigration Authority (USCIS) Of A Change of Address

It is an offense to change your address without informing the USCIS ( United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). It may lead to a delay in processing any government paperwork and can also lead to deportation.

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