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Multiple Job Openings For Hotel Managers In Canada


With the increase of people that travel to Canada for different purposes such as studying, business, work, or vacation, the need for hospitality workers is on the rise, as there are over 20 thousand job vacancies in hotels across Canada. Hotel managers are needed to put the hotel in order and make sure that customers have a memorable experience when they visit a hospitality establishment.

Job Description

Hotel managers are individuals that are responsible for managing employees and for planning, marketing, coordinating, and administering hotel services such as catering and accommodation facilities.

Requirements for Hotel Managers in Canada

⁃ A secondary diploma or equivalent is required, as is a degree in any hotel-related course.


⁃ Applicants should have a good knowledge of spoken and written English or French

⁃ Applicants should be willing to learn, as on-the-job training is usually provided to individuals with no experience.

⁃ Applicants should be able to work and stay in Canada.

⁃ Applicants must be punctual and creative.

⁃ Applicants should have good leadership and communication skills.

⁃ Applicants should be able to work independently and as a group.

Duties of Hotel Managers in Canada

⁃ Create, put into effect, and assess policies and procedures for the establishment’s or department’s operations.

⁃ Create budgets and keep track of income and costs.

⁃ Take part in the creation of pricing and marketing plans.

⁃ Communicate with support about supplying materials and supplies.

⁃ Create work schedules; manage the hiring and supervision of employees.

⁃ Work out a deal with customers to rent out spaces for conventions, banquets, receptions, and other events.

⁃ Address customer grievances and complaints.


A hotel worker earns about $25 per hour, and on average, they earn up to $60,000 to $65,000 in a year.

Click here to see available hotel manager vacancies In Canada

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