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How to Study in the United States


It is no news that the USA has the highest number of the best schools in the world and every student wants an opportunity to study there, so here are seven steps that will guide you to study in the US.

1) Select a school

The first step to studying in the US is finding a desirable institution and checking if they offer the program that you are applying and check if you meet the school’s requirement.it is advisable to apply to at least five universities and keep your options open.

2) Raise Funds

While applying for school, it is very important to know how much is required to study in a particular institution.
You can also check if your desired institution is offering scholarships so you can apply for them. Because getting a scholarship is a great way to cut costs.
It is advisable to know how much a school costs so that you can prepare well for it.


3) Pass All Exams Required

Every school has a required exam score that must be presented by a student that wants to get accepted, e.g. GRE, TOEFL (for graduate programs). Ensure you prepare and you take those exams and score above the cut-off mark required by the institution.

4) Create Online Account

Create an online account and start sending in your application to your desired institution.
It is better to submit your application early ( either for admission or scholarship) . Also, submit all the required documents that need to be previewed before their due dates.
It is important to send WES Evaluated transcript so that they school will know it’s genuine.

5) Apply For Visa

When you receive feedback that you have been accepted by an institution then you apply for a visa. Ensure to follow all the necessary procedures when applying and also attach your acceptance letter to show that you have been accepted and need to travel.

6) Packing And Accommodation

When your Visa has been approved, and you are not going to be staying in college dorms or with a sponsor you need to look for affordable housingĀ  that is your taste and fits your budget, then you can start packing up to move to the US. Ensure you pack every necessary documents clothes and items that will be needed. Click here to know items you need to pack when moving to the US.

7) Book Flight

Finally book your flight from your resident country to you destination, it is important that you book your flight early to avoid extra fees for late booking or full flight.

And there you have it this is a simple 7 step explanation that will help you know how to study, apply and pack for school in the United States
Have fun In school!

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