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How To Migrate To Australia As An Electrician


Australia’s thriving construction industry is leading to an increase in demand for skilled electricians. If you’re a qualified electrician and have been eyeing Australia as your next destination, this comprehensive guide will aid you in navigating the migration process.:

1. Skills Assessment

Getting your qualifications recognized in Australia is the first hurdle. You’ll need to undergo a skills assessment by the relevant authority, which is currently

  • Trades Recognition Australia (TRA)**. This assessment compares your overseas qualifications and experience to Australian standards.
  • Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR): a crucial step towards obtaining your electrical license in Australia.

Step 2: Visa Options

Several visa options are available for electrician migrants, with the most popular being:


1. .: This visa allows you to apply for permanent residency independently, without an employer sponsor. To qualify, you’ll need to score at least **65 points** on the Australian Immigration Points System. Points are awarded for factors like age, qualifications, work experience, and English language proficiency.

2. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): This visa requires nomination by a specific Australian state or territory government, which can give you an extra points boost for your visa application. This option might be ideal if you’re open to living in a particular region of Australia.

3: Get Licensed

Once you have your OTSR, you can apply for a **provisional electrical license**. This allows you to work under the supervision of a licensed electrician while you complete any necessary bridging programs or trade recognition requirements to obtain a full electrician’s license in your chosen Australian state or territory.

4. English Language Proficiency

Strong English communication skills are essential for working safely and effectively as an electrician in Australia. You may need to take an English language test like the IELTS and achieve a minimum score, typically a 6. However, exemptions apply for passport holders from some countries like the UK and USA.

Additional Considerations

Health and Character Checks: You’ll need to pass health and character checks as part of the visa application process.

Registration with a Professional Body:** Depending on your state or territory, you might need to register with a professional electrical association.

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