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How To Migrate To Australia As A Nurse


The nursing profession is in high demand in many nations of the world because of the high rise in the number of people that need medical care . Australia is in great need of skilled nurses that can fill up positions in the Australian health sector. If you are a professional nurse seeking to migrate to Australia and work, here are some steps you will need to follow

The Skills Assessment Process

Foreign registered nurses must move to Australia and register with the Australian Nursing Council (AHPAR) and follow all their step-by-step guidelines in order to become certified to work as a nurse in Australia.

Make a State Sponsorship Nomination

After you have completed all of the verification, you can now nominate yourself to a state or region in high demand for nurses that you have researched.


Note that every state has their own criteria Make sure you are aware of those criteria before you commence the application

Apply for a job

Most of the time, you will need a job to be able to be granted and fast track your visa application as a professional nurse. If you don’t want to go through the nominee program , you will need to go online and apply to a registered Australian health care agency that is in need of nurses. Examples of such agencies are listed below.

  • Health Staff
  • The Australian Nursing Agency Network
  • Affinity Nursing Recruitment
  • Healthcare Australia
  • The Nursing Agency Network
  • Health Solutions Group Australia
  • Bower Healthcare

Apply for a Visa

You will need to choose a visa type according to the path you have chosen to migrate, whether through sponsorship, employment, or education. Go to the official immigration website and apply for your visa.

Note that some fees may apply, so ensure you are financially sufficient before beginning the process.


Different visas have different fees and periods of waiting time attached to them. You will need to be patient and stay positive

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