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How To Migrate To USA


For everyone hoping to live the American dream, migrating to the USA the is first step to achieving that.

Although moving to the USA has been tagged as difficult by many people around the world it is actually not that stressful with the correct information and guidance 

Here are some steps you need to follow in order to move to the USA with ease ( Depending on your time frame you want to stay).


For a temporary visit: Apply early in the year for a non-immigrant visa.

1) For Permanent Residency: Apply early in the year for a green card or permanent visa. It offers permanent residency, although there are a limited number of green cards available.

2) Visa categories include:

The J-1,K-1, O-1 Visa : A letter of recommendation is required from a family member, spouse, or employee (over 21) who is a citizen of the United States or a green card holder.

The EB-1 Visa: This allows you to petition for yourself if you have exceptional skills in art, science, education, or business.

The B-1 Visa: It allows you to enter the US for business activities and conferences.

The E-2 Visa: It allows you to enter the US if you are an entrepreneur and your country is in a trade treaty with the US.

An F-1 Visa allows you to enter the US to attend a university or college to obtain a degree.

The HB-1 Visa: allows you to stay and work in the US as a student when you are done with your education 

The T-N Visa: allows you to enter the US if you are a Mexican or Canadian entrepreneur.

3) Choose the best Visa option for you.

4) Get a medical examination, go for the interview.

5) Wait for a decision on your application.

6) Premium Process Your Visa: When you premium process your Visa, the waiting time is reduced, and the waiting time is reduced to two weeks, but you will need to pay an additional fee of $1410.

Unfortunately, only certain employment or work-related visas qualify for premium processing.

7) If your visa doesn’t qualify for premium processing and you still can’t wait too long, you can consider submitting an expedite request (it can only be granted on a case-by-case basis).

I hope this information has been useful.

Have a wonderful time in the US.

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