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How To Get An Australian Tourist Visa


Australia is among one of the top travel destinations for tourists whether it’s for a vacation, honeymoon, or adventurous trip Australia has got you covered. If you are planning to visit the country one of the most important things you will need is a tourist visa. Here are tips on how you can get one ( note it varies according to your home country)

Gather Requirements

To get a visitor visa you must meet the genuine temporary requirements which are simply showing the Australian immigration that you are traveling to Australia just for holiday not work or any other activities and will not be a liability in any way to the Australian government and this can be done through

  • Financial Statement or Proof of sponsorship
  • Health reports
  • Passport
  • Employment or business ownership proof from home country
  • Non Criminal background
  • Accommodation details

Apply For The Visa

Identify the type of visa you want to apply for and go to the Australian immigration website ;

  • create your immi account
  • Fill in the application form carefully ( you will need to upload some required documents)
  • Pay all necessary visa fees

Ensure you thoroughly go through all required sections before you submit and ensure that you answer every question honestly

Biometrics Submission

After submitting all the required documents during the application window, you will need to go to the Australian embassy in your host country to submit biometrics to support your application


Not every applicant is called in for an interview some applications are fully reviewed online but if you are called in for an interview you must appear in formal attire and on time. Speak confidently and go with documents to support your claim


Finally, it is the waiting time, this usually varies among individuals ( majorly because of the country of origin). The Visa process can take from as early as 1 week to as long as 12 months

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