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Highest Paying Part Time Jobs In Canada For International Students


Are you an international students looking for ways to make money while you are studying in Canada?

It helps to have a job that helps pay your bills and other expenses before getting a high-paying job. Apart from the financial benefit, part-time jobs also provide work experience for students that can be added to their resume in the future and also the opportunity to work with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Here are the highest paying part time jobs that need little or zero skills in Canada for international students:


10. Waitress or Waiter

Here, students get to work in the restaurant business, taking people’s orders and serving them accordingly. Although the average salary is $12/hour, other bonuses and high tips cover for it.

9. Cashier

This is one of the most common jobs in Canada. And you can earn an average of $15/hour. Here, students can work as cashiers according to their shift hours. That gives students an opportunity to study as well.

8. Uber or a package delivery service

These riders pick up customers or packages from one location to their desired destination. This profession is great for students because of its flexibility. To become an Uber driver in Canada, you must have a driver’s license, work permit, and be over 21. The average salary is $16/hour.

7. IT Specialist

Students with knowledge of gadgets and technology can work with tech companies as their specialists and sales reps to help customers get the best products and services for them, and this job pays an average of $18/hour.

6. Translator

Since Canada is home to different ethnic groups, there is a high demand for translators that can convert written or audio contents from one language to another. These jobs also help in broadening a student’s language proficiency and their average salary is $20/hour.

5. Librarian

This job is really popular among students because  most institutions encourage their students to work in libraries because it allows students to learn while also serving others, and the average salary is $23/hour.

4. Customer Support Representative

Companies always want to keep the best relationship with their customers, so there is always a high demand for skilled customer support personnel, and their average salary is $26/hour.

3. Freelancer

As a freelancer, you get paid to perform a certain assignment or task. There are a lot of freelancing jobs that can be found either online or offline depending on your skill set, such as graphics design, web programming, photo editing , social media manager, etc. In Canada, a freelancer earns an average of $30/hour.

2. Caregiver

A caregiver can be a nanny, a babysitter, or a nurse that basically ensures the well-being of their clients, and the average salary for care givers is $32/hour.

1. Tutor

Students get to pass knowledge to young children in lower classes or college mates, although it still depends on the person you are tutoring. The average teaching salary is about $35/hour and can go higher over time.

Which of these jobs will you best fit into?

Also it is best to get a work permit before applying, in case it is needed.

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