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Best Medical Schools In Canada For International Students


Canadian medical schools are some of the highest ranked in the world, and graduates of these institutions are doing groundbreaking work in the medical field and have the freedom to practise medicine both locally and internationally, so it’s no wonder that many international students from all over the world want to attend medical school in Canada, and here are the top medical schools for them.

1. The University of Toronto, Ontario

This is a prestigious university that accepts graduates every year. 4% of accepted candidates for the University of Toronto are international students. It also provides a wide range of financial support through loans, awards, and grants for both local and international students to help them study

2. McGill University, Quebec

This is one of the oldest medical schools in Canada that prides itself on the great accomplishments of its students over the years. If you are an international student planning to study at this institution, it is good to note that you will have to be fluent in advanced French to have a chance of admission to this university. This university admits over 180 students per year with 2% success.


3. Memorial University, Newfoundland

This university admits 7% of yearly applicants as international students and gives them the opportunity to learn and practise medicine in Canada 

4. University of Montreal, Québec

This university accepts mainly international students from francophone-speaking countries, as it will be difficult for a medical student that is not fluent in French to study there due to the fact that all learning materials and teaching sessions are in French. 1.5% of successful applicants every year are international students

5. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

This institution was established in 1966 and offers one of the best medical teaching practises in the whole of Canada. Its admission rate for international students fluctuates, but on average it grants 3% of successful applicants as international students 

Note: Canadian medical schools are keen on promoting provincial medical students and, with that, tend to give out the majority of their admissions to local students and a few to out-of-province and international students. But that should not discourage you because you are an excellent student and deserve a spot in those institutions. You just have to prove it to them.


Tuition and academic requirements for these medical schools vary, so if you are interested in studying at any of these medical schools, you should visit their official websites for more information.

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