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Top 7 States To Live In The United States


The US is one of the best countries to move to as it embraces people from different cultures, races, and religions.
Although the US is a great immigration destination, there are some states that are better in terms of affordability, education, healthcare, and general standard of living. Here are some of them.

1. Washington

The capital of America is one of the best places to live. It ranks in the top 5 in economy, education, safety, health, and standard of living. It has one of the best job opportunities for different careers.
If you live in Washington, you don’t need to pay income tax. It also has the fourth-highest median income in the nation ($50,120/year).

2. San Diego

This state has the best weather in the whole of America. There are a lot of places to explore. It has an above average education system, health system, and job opportunities.
The major disadvantage to this beautiful state is that the standard of living is quite high, but if you are financially comfortable, you are good to go.


3. Florida

If you love mild weather and beaches, Florida is the best place for you. This state is known for its beaches, holiday destinations, and luxurious life, but it is so very affordable and culturally diverse. There is a low cost of living; income taxes are less compared to most American states; there is a booming economy; and it has one of the best universities in America.

4. Rhode Island

Although it is one of the smallest states by mass density, it is also one of the most populated with its beautiful beaches, low crime rate, and a booming economy. 
Rhode Island is the best place to stay if you desire a low-key lifestyle.
Also, because of the booming economy, over 50% of workers in Rhode Island make up to $150,000 a year and about 36% of newcomers move to Rhode Island specifically for a job.

5. Charleston

This state is known for its beautiful architecture and rich heritage. Tourists flood there every year because of the historical data that resides there, e.g. there are a lot of civil war artifacts there.
The standard of living is above average, and the low crime rate Charleston is a place anyone can build a family and a career.

6. Maryland

Maryland is a beautiful state with nice scenery that consists of mountains and valleys. You get to enjoy all four seasons in this state that has one of the top 10 best health facilities in the US and is home to the best hospital in America. The job market there is booming as there are more start-up businesses and companies every year.

7. Missouri 

Home to the Lake of the Ozarks, the cost of living here is really low, i.e. you can own a landed property here for as low as $40,000 and can even own a home for as low as $220,000, so if you are thinking of living close to the lake or owning a lake house, 
Missouri is the best place to be.

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