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Multiple Job Openings For Security Guards In Canada


Security personnel is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada; it is also a very flexible job option as there are shifts and a period attached to the job, so as a student or an immigrant trying to find their way in Canada, working the a. Security personnel is a great start for you, as there are over 6,000 job vacancies in Canada with Ontario as the highest province

Job Description

Security workers are a group of workers who guard and implement security measures to protect properties against theft, fire, vandalism, and unauthorized access. They also provide private security for clients to conduct deep security guarding. They are employed by public or private security agencies, businesses, residential complexes, and educational, health, cultural, and financial institutions.


Responsibilities of a Security Guard

⁃ Control access to establishments operate security

⁃ Control room equipment, and patrol assigned areas to guard against theft, vandalism, and fire.

⁃ Endorse regulations to maintain order, resolve conflicts, and monitor establishment action.

⁃ Ensure safety and emergency procedures are followed.

⁃ Issue passes and direct visitors to appropriate areas; check the age identification of passengers, and perform security checks on passengers and luggage at airports.

⁃ Drive and guard armored tracks; pick up and deliver valuables to bars; automated teller machines; and retail establishments.

Job Requirements

Every job has major and minor requirements that are needed by applicants before they can get a job as security personnel, and some of them are:

⁃ The completion of secondary school is primarily required.

⁃ A driver’s license is primarily required.

⁃ A college diploma in law, security, or police technology may be required.

⁃ Training is provided for airport security guards, and establishment-specific training may be provided for security occupations in this unit group.

⁃ Security guards carrying firearms require a license for that. A valid Possession and Acquisitions License (PAL) and Firearm Acquisition Certificate (FAC) are required for both restricted and non-restricted firearms.

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Security personnel earn an average of $18 per month and can earn from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the job title and their level of experience.

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