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Multiple Job Openings For Factory Workers In Canada


Factory jobs are very flexible and do not require high educational qualifications or experience for individuals to get employed. Due to this factor, it is one of the easiest jobs to get in Canada as an immigrant.

Job Description

A factory worker is in charge of producing goods using the proper tools and machinery. Their lives are filled with tasks such as processing the goods in accordance with the needed quantity and standards, marking and packaging them safely, checking the goods for flaws before distribution, etc.


Responsibilities of Factory Workers in Canada

⁃ Transport raw materials or finished products throughout the factory either manually or using powered equipment.

⁃ Check and weigh materials and products.

⁃ Sort, pack, and package materials and products.

⁃ Ensuring that the items are free of any defects before distribution,

⁃ Assist machine operators and other factory workers.

⁃ Maintain and clean machines in immediate work areas.

⁃ Loading and unloading deliveries.

⁃ Deliveries to job sites and other organizations.

⁃ Assisting with dispatching customer orders.

⁃ Receiving and shipping goods in a timely manner

⁃ Monitoring the supply inventories

⁃ Reporting defective machines and equipment

Job Requirements of Factory Workers in Canada

⁃ Applicants should be punctual and fast-paced when performing tasks.

⁃ Applicants must be dependable, flexible, and have initiative.

⁃ The applicant should work with the approved pattern of work.

⁃ Applicants must be creative to work alone and also be a team player when working in groups.

⁃ Applicants should be physically able to handle heavy loads.

⁃ Applicants should have a high school diploma or equivalent certification.

⁃ Applicants should have good attention to detail.


Factory workers earn $16 per hour, and since they can work overtime, they earn around $45,000–$60,000 in a year.

Apart from the employees’ salary, some of the factory jobs in Canada come with other benefits, such as healthcare plans, insurance, etc.

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