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Multiple Job Openings For Automobile Mechanics In Canada


As more cars are being produced and purchased there is also a high demand for individuals that can repair these vehicles when they get worse and they are known as automobile mechanics. If you are experienced in this field and you are planning to migrate you should come to Canada as there are over 5,000 job openings for automobile repairers in Canada

Job Description

Mechanic or motor vehicle body repair fix damaged motor parts, repaint body surfaces, and repair or replace worn-out motor parts there are employed by automobile dealerships, automobile manufacturers automobile body repair shops, and various vocational centers

Responsibilities of Automobile Repairers

1 Review damage and estimate repair costs and plan work to be performed.


2 Pair and replace front-end components

3 Perform oil changes on vehicles

4 Inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks.

5 Conducting complete vehicle inspection to determine vehicle defects

6 Ensure that work tools and equipment are in good condition

7 Disposing of worn-out materials, motor parts, and used oil

8 Perform diagnostics tests and repairs on vehicles

9 Purchase needed vehicle parts from suppliers and keep records of transactions

Requirements for an Automobile Mechanic

1 Applicants should have good communication skills and customer service

2 Applicants should have a high school diploma or equivalent certification

3 Applicants should have at least 4 years of working experience as an automotive mechanic ( college training or apprenticeship)

4 Applicants should have an automotive certification as it is required in places like new Finland, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario

5 Applicants should be fluent in writing and spoken English/French

6 Applicants should have extensive knowledge of work tools and how to use them

7 Applicant should have a Red seal endorsement

8 Applicants should be willing to learn as job training may be provided from time to time


An automotive mechanic earns about $27-$30 per hour and can earn around $52,000 – $65,000 working In Canada for a year.

Click here to apply for available jobs in Canada for automobile mechanics

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