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How To Migrate To Australia As A Painter


If you’re a skilled painter looking for a new adventure, migrating to Australia could be the perfect move for you. Australia recognizes painters and decorators as a skilled trade, opening a pathway to permanent residency.

Here’s how you can migrate to Australia as a skilled painter:

1. Skills Assessment:

The first hurdle is proving your skills match Australian standards. You’ll need a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). This is a paper-based application, so gather your documents:

  • Formal Qualifications: AQF Certificate III in Painting and Decorating (or equivalent) is ideal.
  • Work Experience: Proof of at least one year of painting experience in the last three years (payslips, references, etc.).
  • Trade Knowledge: Be prepared to demonstrate your understanding of Australian painting practices and regulations.

2. Scoring Immigrantion Points

Australia uses a points-based system. To qualify for a visa, you’ll need to score at least 65 points. Points are awarded for factors like:

1. Age:Younger applicants score higher.

2. English Language Skills: Take the IELTS or PTE to prove your English proficiency.

3. Qualifications: Your painting qualification and any additional education earn points.

4. Work Experience: Years of experience as a painter boost your score.

5. State Sponsorship: Some Australian states offer additional points for nominating you.

3. Visa Options

There are a couple of visa options for skilled migrants, like painters:

1. Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa: This visa allows you to live and work in Australia permanently without an employer sponsor. However, it has high point requirements.

2, Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa: If you can secure sponsorship from an Australian employer, this visa offers a smoother path to permanent residency.

4. Health and Character Checks

You’ll need to undergo health checks to ensure you meet Australia’s health requirements. Additionally, police checks from your home country and any countries you’ve lived in for extended periods are mandatory.


Migrating to Australia as a painter takes preparation and planning, but the rewards are plentiful. With its thriving construction industry and beautiful landscapes, Australia offers a world of opportunity for skilled painters.

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