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How To Migrate To Australia As A Business Person


Australia attracts businesses from all over the world with its numerous businesses opportunities and thriving economy. However, the process can appear overwhelming if you’re a business owner hoping to relocate to Australia. Here is a guide to help you relocate or expand your business to Australia and gain permanent residency in Australia through company ownership.

Meeting the Requirements

Before starting your business idea you have to get a visa and each has specific eligibility criteria. Generally, you’ll need:

1. A strong business plan: Demonstrate the viability of your business, including projected financials and market research.


2. Business experience: Possess relevant experience and qualifications in your business field.

3. Financial resources:Meet investment thresholds depending on the visa option.

4. English language proficiency: Demonstrate adequate English language skills.

Choose A Visa Option

Australia offers several visa pathways for business owners, each with its own requirements:

1. Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (Subclass 188): This visa allows you to establish, develop, or invest in an existing business. You’ll need to demonstrate your business skills and meet specific investment thresholds.

2. Entrepreneur visa (Subclass 189): This visa is for innovative and high-growth businesses with potential to create jobs in Australia. Requirements include securing a nomination from a state or territory government and demonstrating your business’s viability.

3. Business Owner visa (Subclass 890): This permanent residency visa is for existing business owners who have been operating a business in Australia for at least two years under a qualifying visa.


Being a business owner and moving to Australia is an exciting adventure, but it takes careful planning and preparation. Your ambition of living in Australia can become a reality by learning about your possibilities for a visa, fulfilling the requirements, and getting expert advice needed to begin this journey.

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