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How To Migrate To Australia As A Bricklayer


Australia has a well-documented skill shortage for bricklayers, making it a prime destination for your trade. But before you pack your bags, here’s a breakdown of the key steps to migrating to Australia as a bricklayer:


Step1: Skills Assessment



Australia takes pride in its high construction standards. To ensure you meet these, you’ll need a skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). They’ll evaluate your qualifications and experience to see if they align with the Australian Certificate III in Bricklaying. Generally, you’ll need:


Step 2: Visa Selection

Before choosing a visa type, researching your target city or region can be helpful. Some parts of Australia might have a higher demand for bricklayers than others. This can be a deciding factor when applying for skilled migration visas with state or territory nomination options.

Australia offers various visas for skilled migrants, each with its own requirements. Here are a couple of popular options for bricklayers:


1. Subclass 189- Skilled Independent Visa: This visa is perfect for independent applicants who meet the points-based system. You’ll need to score at least 65 points based on factors like age, qualifications, English skills, and work experience. 

2. Subclass 186- Employer Nomination Scheme: If you have an Australian employer willing to sponsor you, this visa streamlines the process. You’ll still need a skills assessment to meet the base criteria.


Step 3: English Language Proficiency


Strong English communication is crucial for working safely and efficiently on construction sites. You’ll likely need to take an English language test like IELTS to demonstrate your competency. There are exemptions for passport holders from some countries, so check the Department of Home Affairs website for details.


Step 4: Health and Character Checks


Australia prioritizes the health and safety of its citizens. You’ll need to undergo health checks to ensure you’re fit for work. Additionally, police checks from your country of residence will be required.


Step 5: Get A Job

This step can be done before or after you get a visa depending on the visa type you select. Search popular online sites for vancancies and apply for the job you qualify for you can also consider joining a professional association for bricklayers to connect with the trade community.


In conclusion, migrating to Australia can be a life-changing experience. With its high quality of life, excellent work opportunities, and stunning scenery, Australia has a lot to offer skilled bricklayers like yourself. So, if you’re ready to take the leap and build a new life.



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