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Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Australia For International Students


It is very wise for an international student in a foreign country to get several streams of income in order to be financially stable while studying, and that is where part-time jobs come in. These are jobs that are flexible (remember not to work more than 20 hours a week). These aref are the highest-paying part-time jobs for international students.

10. Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Almost every organisation usually needs an assistant to help with the smooth running of schedules and visitors You need to possess great communication, telephone, and organisational skills for this job, and you can get paid $15-$35 per hour.

9. Customer service representative

You can work for different organisations as a customer service representative, where you provide help to customers and get paid $20-$32 per hour 


8. Tour Guide

As Australia is a tourism hub with thousands going in and out of the country, there is always a need for individuals that will act as a guide book, showing and explaining to them the history of various adventurous places. The pay for a tour guide ranges from $18-$25 per hour

7. Security Guard

As an international student, you can work as a security guard for shops and restaurants. The job is flexible because their hours are different, and with this job you can earn $25–35 per hour.

6. Tutor

If you have excellent academic knowledge and you are good at imparting that knowledge, you should consider tutoring and making money from it. You can teach your classmates or students at lower levels and earn $20-$40 per hour

5. Waiter

Working in a restaurant or bar as a waiter is a great way to make extra cash as an international student in Australia. Restaurants and bars usually pay their employees $25-$28 per hour.

4. Cleaner

You can be hired to work as a cleaner in a residential( homes) or commercial (offices) space as an international student and earn anywhere from $30-$50 per hour working as a cleaner.

3. Nanny/babysitter

For a period of time, you will be paid to give care and attention to children for a period of time. It’s a fantastic job, especially for those who enjoy being caregivers. Pay ranges from $30-$55 per hour 

2. Uber/Package Rider

For this job, you will need to get a driver’s licence and be registered with a logistics agency, but this is a very flexible job that is in demand with pay ranging from $40-$60 per hour 


As an international student, already possessing a skill is a major plus, as you can use that skill to gain freelancing jobs both onsite and online. Skills such as photography, copywriting, fashion, and programming are in high demand and can pay from $20-$70 per hour depending on the service you are offering

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