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Cost of Migrating From Nigeria To The UK

Cost of Migrating From Nigeria To The UK

A lot of Nigerians who have plans of migrating to another country have the UK as one of their top destinations but do not know how to go about the whole migration process. Here, we will highlight the best routes to migrate from Nigeria to the UK in the fastest possible time and how much it will cost.

Note: # will signify the Nigerian Naira.

1. Choose A Visa Type

The foundation of your whole migration process is the visa type you choose; it will help you understand the path to take and the requirements that are needed from you in the process. Before you begin your application, it is wise to sit down and think about why you are moving to the UK and what you plan on doing there; this will help you choose your visa type easily. Some types of visas with availability include;


2. Gather Documents

Go to the official UK Immigration website and check for documents that are required for your visa. Make sure you gather all the documents that were listed. Some of these documents are:

  • International passport: #30,000-#60,000
  • Medical Checkup: #50,000 (for persons older than 12)
  • English Proficiency Test: #100,000
  • NHS test: £400 (for persons that want to stay in the UK for more than 6 months)
  • Proof of Funds

3. Apply for a Visa

The process involved in applying for a visa depends on the visa type you have chosen, and with it come some charges such as

  • Visa fee: #400,000-#600,000 (depending on your visa type)
  • Assisted Service: #12,000 (if you want the immigration officers to help you upload your application documents)

4. Packing and Flight

If you are granted the visa you applied for, it is now time for you to pack and book a flight to your desired town in the UK.

  • Flight tickets: #200,000–#400,000 (depending on the airline you book and your luggage size).

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