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Cost Of Living In The UK As An International Student


After gaining admission into an institution in the UK the next step to take is to consider the practical aspect of your British adventure and determine how much it will cost you. Here is the average cost of living in the UK as an international student:

The first step to take on your financial journey is to ensure you:

  • Plan Ahead: Research costs specific to your chosen city and university.
  • Budget:  Create a budget and track your spending to avoid financial surprises.
  • Explore a little: Allocate some funds for exploring the UK and enjoying student life. As much as you are there to gain an education, it is also important that you collect memories along the way.
  • Choose Affordable Location: The cost of living in the UK varies greatly depending on where you study. London, with its cosmopolitan flair, is pricier than charming university towns elsewhere. Expect a monthly budget of £1265 in London and £900–£1300 outside the capital. Based on these monthly estimates, your yearly expenditure could range from roughly £10,800 to £15,600 (around $15,400–$22,300 USD).


What will you need money for?

  1. Rent: The cost of accommodation is likely to be the most significant expense you’ll incur. To keep your expenses in check, consider on-campus housing, shared flats, or renting a room in a house. It’s worth noting that London rents are considerably higher than in other cities. Rent can cost around £400-£1,500/month depending on where you choose to get accommodation.
  2. Food: When planning your budget, don’t forget to account for groceries and dining out. Even though you can save money by shopping at the supermarket, it’s worth setting aside some funds for occasional pub lunches and exploring the UK’s diverse culinary scene. Food can cost around £600-£1,000/month
  3. Utilities: Remember to factor in your utility bills, such as electricity, water, and internet, when calculating your expenses. Also, don’t forget to include transportation expenses, such as bus fares or student travel passes. Utilities can cost around £150-£500month

How can you save cost?

1. Student Discounts: As a student, make sure to take advantage of your status! It’s worth asking if shops, museums, and attractions offer student discounts, as many of them do. Don’t hesitate to inquire about it!

2. Smarter Shopping: Consider batch-cooking meals to save time and money. Take advantage of student supermarket deals and explore budget-friendly grocery stores to stretch your budget further.

3. Part-Time Job: It might be worth considering taking up some part-time work that’s permitted so that you can supplement your income. Aside from earning extra money, you’ll also gain valuable experience that could come in handy down the road.

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