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Coldest Cities In The UK


The United Kingdom is known for its charming towns, rich history, and, well, let’s not forget, its chilly weather. But while the whole country gets its fair share of cool days, some places consistently top spot when it comes to feeling the cold.

So, here are the top 5 coldest cities in the UK:

1. Newry & Aberdeen

Newry, located in Northern Ireland, and Aberdeen, in Scotland, share the distinction of experiencing chilly temperatures with an average daily temperature of 10.58°C. Both cities are known for their cool climate and offer a unique experience for visitors seeking a refreshing and bracing environment.


2. Perth

Nestled along the picturesque banks of the River Tay, the charming town of Perth in Scotland may surprise visitors with its refreshing coolness. Throughout the year, the average minimum temperature typically ranges between 5 and 6°C, making it advisable to keep a cozy scarf at hand to stay warm and comfortable while exploring this beautiful destination.

3. Stirling

Nestled in Scotland’s central belt, Stirling enjoys a temperate climate with distinct seasons. The average minimum temperature sits at a comfortable 11.25°C (52.3°F),

4. Leeds

Leeds, located in the county of West Yorkshire, is known for its relatively low annual rainfall compared to other cities in England. However, despite its dry climate, the city is also susceptible to a variety of extreme weather events, including thunderstorms, blizzards, and sporadic tornadoes. Experience a cold weather of up to 3 °Cand the lowest temperature ever recorded in the area is -12.6 °C in 2010.

5. The Pennines

The Pennies, a striking mountain range and hilly area, stretch for roughly 250 miles across several counties in the north of England. Even in the peak of summer, the average high temperature for the Pennines is a modest 12.4 °C.

Note: these are averages, and even the coldest UK cities can have occasional warm spells. However, if you’re seeking a place with a consistently cool climate throughout the year, these cities may not be the best choice.

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