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Best Places To Live In Canada As An Immigrant


There are a lot of reasons that make a city the best immigration option, and different individuals have similar or different features that draw them to live in a particular area, from cost of living, job opportunities, transportation, etc. If you want to immigrate to Australia, these are the best places to start.

8. Cairns

This is the gateway to the great barrier riff, with an average population of only 160,000 people. This tropical destination is the best place for individuals that want to live a beach lifestyle in Australia. Cairns has a great mix of private and public schools, and when it comes to transportation, the whole area is bike-friendly, which saves money for other modes of transportation.

7. Perth

Situated on or near the western coast, Perth is a city endowed with beautiful parks, warm weather and, most importantly, a booming economy. Healthcare, technology, and hospitality professionals are the most sought after in the city of Perth. Colleges are located a little bit far from the main city, which helps students concentrate and relate more in a student-populated environment.


6. Wollongong

This is a multicultural and vibrant city. This city combines a relaxed coastal atmosphere with top-notch dining and a very reasonable cost of living. The city is home to excellent educational institutions, which include the University of Wollongong .

5. Adelaide

With its country fields, low cost of living, and friendly warm climate, this city is the best place for immigrants seeking warmth and affordability. Job opportunities for immigrants are good as the state employs a minimum of 5,000 skilled migrants a year, especially in the manufacturing, healthcare, and education fields . For those that are thinking of migrating for educational purposes, Adelaide is also the third cheapest university area in Canada for those that are

4. Brisbane

This city, popularly called “A New World City ,” is the third most populous city in Australia and is home to over 70,000 international students that are scattered all over the various schools located in this city including the renowned University of Queensland. Apart from the thriving city that Brisbane is, there are also relaxed suburbs surrounding the city, just in case you are a person that is more interested in farming and suburban living. Brisbane is still a place for you.

3. Melbourne

This city is referred to as the ” Foodie Capital of Australia” due to the wide variety of cuisines and restaurants it offers. There is also a constant demand for young professionals in the fields of hospitality, fashion, and health care. It is a great place for families because of the job opportunities available and the large number of excellent schools located in and around the city.

2. Sydney

If you are looking for excitement and luxury in Australia, Sydney is the place for you, although it is not the cheapest place to settle in Australia. Sydney is a city that never sleeps with its envious night life. Apart from the excitement Sydney provides, there is also an endless list of job opportunities across various organisations and businesses. Sydney is also home to a wide range of universities and colleges to help immigrants with the best education.

1. Gold Coast

This city offers affordability, a vibrant social life, and one of the best educational systems in the country. The goal coast’s beaches, markets, and carnivals contribute to its vibrant social life. The standard of living is very affordable, and it is also home to more than 50,000 international students The Gold Coast is considered a regional area, which means international students can stay and work there for 3-5 years after graduation.

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